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About Us

At CoCreAct®, we are on a mission to transform the way people feel in ambiguity. Our excitement for the unknown and the uncertainty is undeniable. Our motivation is single-focused: Use the clutter and chaos we’re in, and turn it into something new.

We help clients understand the power of being stuck in the thick of it, and empower them with methods for getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and using the uncertainty to their advantage

Our team has more than 40 years of experience in co-creating strategies, visions, and solutions in a playful and experiential way that help you make meaning out of the messes.

Why You Should Join Us

We want to get you excited about what’s possible in the abyss of ambiguity. We tackle challenges with fun, help you to create innovative solutions for your most pressing challenges. 

Innovation only occurs in ambiguity. No one creates something new without courage and risk. With optimism and enthusiasm, we will enable others to see ambiguity as an opportunity, rather than something to be avoided. And we will show you how to navigate within it. 

Become an Ambiguity Activist.

A Big Thanks

Together with you, we will learn how to face uncertainty with optimism. Unlock your potential to identify, shape, and realize the big possibilities in ambiguity.